The CTC of Greater Downingtown is a collaboration of organizations, schools, hospitals, faith community, law enforcement, health care providers, human services, and local government using evidence-based prevention programs and policies to foster positive mental health and youth development. 

Through a Collective Impact Approach, CTC helps communities identify and implement changes that can help students be successful at school, at home, and in the community.

Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategies
& CORE Values

Our Mission 

To empower youth to make positive choices to reach their full potential

Our Vision  

A thriving community where youth are making positive choices and are achieving their goals

Our Goals

  • To create a safer, supportive community for youth

  • To strengthen community collaboration in prevention efforts

Our Strategies

  • Education and public awareness

  • Support parents and strengthen families

  • Engage youth in prevention

  • Opportunities and Rewards for Pro-social community involvement for youth

Our CORE Values

  • Community

  • Commitment

  • Integrity/Transparency

  • Volunteerism