Our Mission:


Empowering youth to make positive choices.


Our Collaborative Impact Process

Collective Impact is the commitment of a group of important actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a specific social problem at scale.  There are five (5) elements of Collective Impact.  They are as follows:


Common Agenda

All participants share a vision for change that includes a common understanding of the problem and a joint approach to solving the problem through agreed-upon actions.

Mutually Reinforcing Activities 

A diverse set of stakeholders, typically across sectors, coordinate a set of differentiated activities through a mutually reinforcing plan of action.

Backbone Infrastructure:

An independent, dedicated staff (with funding) guides the initiatives vision and strategy, supports aligned activities, establishes shared measurement practices, builds public will, advances policy, and mobilizes resources.

Shared Measurement

All participants agree on how to measure and report on progress, with a short list of common indicators identified and used to drive learning and improvement.

Continuous Communication

All players engage in frequent and structured open communication to build trust, assure mutual objectives, and create common motivation.


Who We Are

Communities That Care of Greater Downingtown (CTC) is a coalition of organizations, businesses, schools, faith communities, law enforcement and healthcare providers using evidence based prevention programs and policies to foster positive mental health and youth development.

Through a Collective Impact Approach, CTC helps communities identify and implement changes that can help students be successful at school, at home, and in the community.

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The ripple effects of underage alcohol and drug use, substance abuse and addiction inflict harm not only to users, but to the families, friends, and communities that surround them.



Our Strategies

  • Prevention education and public awareness

  • Support parents and strengthen families

  • Engage youth in prevention

  • Promote alternative social activities and pro-social community opportunities for youth


Our Impact


Families Reached

Numbers collected from: Marijuana Goggles Training, Downingtown Fall Fest, IFN shares with congregations, cont.:



Students Impacted

November 2017 Gala post and video watches, Wellness Fair at West, Power of Parents, IDC Fall 2017, YPC Post it note projects, cont.:




Day of Hate (west) campaign, Soles for Souls campaign (east), Screenages screening, Shoe Drive (west), UUTownship community event, PROM Banner campaign